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.compost magazine by Tel Aviv Museum of Art

.Compost Magazine by Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Museum’s magazine, Compost, was established in a bid to explore the subconscious of the artistic institution, and to serve as a digestive and nourishing system of contemporary art discourse. It is a digital container that collates unique content, and serves as a setting for artistic events that are not necessarily an “exhibition,” an “artwork,” or an “encounter.”

Compost ferrets around the margins of museological activity that takes place deep in the inner recesses of the institution, where conservation, cataloging and archiving take place: it traces the paths taken by artworks around the world, correspondences, unrealized ambitions, past initiatives, and present professional dilemmas.

From the sterility of the Museum with its white spaces, the Compost magazine exudes a pungent odor of earthly passions pertaining to the pursuit of the spiritual through the material. It does so by collecting organic, museological and cultural materials, both of the past and those that are growing right now. They are amassed in the magazine into a fermented, fertile pile – a fertilizer with which to nourish the artistic community.

“Preservation has more to do with a compost pile than a museum. For something to stay alive, it has to infect and change what’s around it. It has to reproduce." / Pierre’s Magazine by the artist Pierre Huyghe, published by The Artist's Institute and König Books

Compost is in Hebrew. We hope to add other languages in future..

The magazine was made possible thanks to The Art Library in Memory of Meir Arison, Donated by the Ted Arison Family Foundation

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Magazine staff: Sophia Berry Lifschitz, Naama Bar-Or, Adi Dahan, Amit Shemma