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Yonatan Vinitsky: The Cosmos

Encounter at the exhibition Yonatan Vinitsky: The Cosmos (Hebrew)

Encounter with the assistant curator Adi Dahan

The installation The Cosmos spreads over the Pavilion’s three floors, offering a model of an exhibition. Its 16 elements are designed at a 1:1 ratio but their very existence as concept and matter is a model. The title is taken from a book by Avigdor Hameiri (published 1955), which was a first attempt in Hebrew to communicate astronomy to adolescences. Physical and philosophical questions about the nature of the universe as a “site” populated by all forms, objects and events, are manifested as an installation that challenges the concept of exhibition. The viewers wander through a 15-minute cyclical set in which all audio-visual elements are simultaneously activated, and the exhibition’s “tale” is rolled out as a reciprocal system diverging between the exhibits and the viewers’ and artist’s view.